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Il nostro repertorio:

Queen 1 

Queen 1:

- Keep yourself alive (May)

- Seven seas of rhye (Mercury)

 Queen 2

Queen 2:

- Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury)

 Sheer Heart Attack

Sheer Heart Attack:

- In The Lap Of The Gods (Queen)

- Now I'm Here (May)

- Stone Cold Crazy (Queen)

- Killer Queen (Mercury)

A night at opera  A night at opera:

- Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)

- Love Of My Life (Mercury)

- You're My Best Friend (Deacon)

- '39 (May)

A day at the races  A day at the races:

- Somebody To Love (Mercury)

- Tie Your Mother Down (May)

- You Take My Breath Away (May)

- Good Old-Fashoned Lover Boy (Mercury)

 News of the world

News of the world:

- It's Late (May)

- We Will Rock You (May)

- We Are The Champions (Mercury)

- Spread Your Wings (Deacon)



- Bicycle Race (Mercury)

- Don't Stop Me Now (Mercury)

- Fat Bottomed Girls (May)

- Jealousy (Mercury)




- We Will Rock You (May)


 The Game

The Game:

- Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon)

- Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury)

- Dragon Attack (Queen)

- Play The Game (Deacon)

- Save Me (May)



- Flash's Theme (May)

Hot Space 

Hot Space:

- Underpressure (Queen)

The Works 


The Works:

- Hammer To Fall (May)

 - It's A Hard Life (Mercury)

 - I Want To Break Free (Deacon)

 - Is This The World We Created... ? (Mercury)

 - Radio Ga Ga (Taylor)


A kind of magic 

A kind of magic:

- A Kind Of Magic (Taylor)

- Friends Will Be Friends (Mercury)

- One Vision (Queen)

- Who Wants To Live Forever (May)

- One Year Of Love (Deacon)

- Princes Of The Universe (Mercury)

The miracle 


The miracle:

- Breakthru (Queen)

 - I Want It All (Queen)

 - The Invisible The Invisible Man (Queen)

 - The Miracle (Queen)




- Bijou (Queen)

- Don't Try So Hard (Queen)

- Innuendo (Queen)

- These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Taylor)

- The Show Must Go On (May)

- Headlong (May)

Made in heaven 


Made in heaven:

- Heaven For Everyone (Taylor)

- I Was Born To Love You (Mercury)

- Too Much Love Will Kill You (May)

- It's A Beautiful Day (Queen)


 Cosmos rockin'

Cosmos rockin':

- Cosmos Rockin' (Queen)

 Mr Bad Guy


Mr Bad Guy:

- I Was Born To Love You (Mercury)

- Living On My Own (Mercury)


The great pretender

The great pretender:

- In My Defense (Mercury)


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